K-9 Kupkakery....all natural treats for your happy, healthy hound! We use quality products so your dog can enjoy healthy, satisfying, gourmet treats. Dogs love our tempting treats and we love when they wag for more!



With every order you make before the end of April, you will receive a FREE GIFT!!!

Be sure to email us to ask about our **NEW** products....doggie donuts.

Ruth Duvall | K-9 Kupkakery

Have you tried us? Do you like us??? If so, we also have a direct shipping/subscription program. YEP! Every month on the same date, your pup will get a shipment (or delivery) of bones or kupkakes, (or a combination of both), for a discounted rate for a full year of savings. Choose a a plan that fits your needs. Read more about the program on our "Bones" or "Kupkakes" page. Or, you are always welcome to call us. We would love to help you customize a plan that is perfect for you and your pooch!

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